Aerie 3702 Raffle FINAL DRAW

The final drawing was held on May 20th with a dinner. 109 reservations were made, but only 74 people showed up. The final winners were: Mike Mellick $500 and $300; Dick Surline $250; Dwain Belkiewicz $200; Cliff Clark $150; Jeff Cutcher $100; Chris Peterson $50; Herb Hill $50; Larry Warren Jr. $50; and Melissa Bacon $50. Share-the-wealth winners were Sandy Gordon $100; Mary Vicencio $55; and Terry Wilson $5. Door Prize Raffle winners were Coralee Clark, Doug Knight, Marsha Carrier, Dave Scouten (won 2) and Jean Knight (won 2).

It pays to support events and buy $1 squares because that is how Mike Mellick got both his tickets and won $800! Dwain Belkiewicz also won his ticket by buying $1 squares and won $200! Congratulations and THANKS fellas!We appreciate all your support!

Mother’s Day Basket Raffle WINNER!

The winner of the Mother’s Day Basket Raffle that was drawn at 12 noon on Sunday, May 14th (Mother’s Day) was Scott Smith Jr. Thank you to everyone that participated by purchasing tickets. Your support is greatly appreciated. All proceeds went to the Ladies Auxiliary.