Cornhole Tournament

Saturday, March 24th

The next Cornhole Tournament will be held on Saturday, March 24th. Sign in at 3:30. Game starts at 5 pm. $5 per person. 50% to first place, 10% to 2nd place. 40% to Aerie. If you don’t have a partner, we will get you one! Join us for some fun!

Golden Eagle Progressive Raffle

March drawings dates – Mar. 24, Mar. 31

between 7 and 7:30 pm.


Every Saturday there will be a drawing and you must purchase new tickets each week to be included in the draw. All rules and info about the Golden Eagle raffle is posted at the club in the game room and also on the back page of your last newsletter.

Feb. 3rd winner was Jen Sparks – envelope #43 contained the 3 of spades worth $100.

Feb. 10th winner was Annis Parrish – envelope #13 contained the 10 of spades worth $100.

Feb. 17th winner Kelly LaParl – envelope #34 contained the Jack of clubs worth $250.

Feb. 24th winner Steve Galanos – envelope #52 contained the Jack of diamonds worth $250.

Mar. 3rd winner Kevin Vollmar – envelope #50 contained the 8 of diamonds woth $100.

Mar. 10th winner Rick Blais – envelope #47 contained the 4 of hearts worth $100.

Mar. 17th winner Angie Warren – envelope #10 contained the 7 of diamonds worth $100.